Woven shade cloth comes in 30%, 47%, 55%, 63%, 73%, 80% and 90% shade factor. Custom sizes can be cut to your specifications. Call us for a quote.

Knitted shade cloth is available in 30%, 50%, 60%, 70% and 80% shade factor in rolls of 10′ x 300′ and 20′ x 300′. White knitted is also available in certain sizes.


Here is an example of the many uses of modern geotextiles. This is “The Pond” at Kalapana Tropicals on the Big Island, Hawaii. A 40 mil LLDPE pond liner was used on top of a base liner of Mirafi 180N non-woven geotextile. Greenhouse Specialists, Inc. sells all the materials used in making this reservoir. Hey, got your swim suit? Do you know where your towel is?


GHS is your wholesale connection for tarps & multi purpose covers. We specialize in all types of tarps – poly tarps, hay tarps, truck tarps, canvas tarps, mesh tarps, boat tarps, shade covers, machinery tarps, roof tarps, athletic field covers and tarpaulin hurricane covers for unlimited applications. If you need a different size, color, or type of tarps or canvas tarps, you are sure to find them.


Save money and order screening in window screen in bulk rolls for larger projects, or just to have for future screening tasks. GHS has the highest quality window screening at factory direct pricing.


When a pavement surface begins to develop widespread surface cracking due to subgrade failure, an asphalt fabric overlay is a reliable alternative to costly excavation and replacement of the cracked and deteriorated asphalt.